D4EVF and Pandora Dental Donates Dental Chair and Unit to PDA

PDA President Emmanuel Centeno and a Pandora Rep pose with the new chair and unit donated to PDA

Dentistry For Every Village Foundation president, Dr. Ed de la Vega received a text message when he was in Manila a few weeks ago from PDA President, Emmanuel T. Centeno.

The message stated that PDA has a “Indigency dental clinic” at their headquarters that needs equipment to further improve and implement their mandate of providing free dental services to the poor and the needy.

“We have a fully prepared space complete with plumbing and electrical connections ready and waiting for a dental chair and unit”, stated Dr. Centeno. We will appreciate it very much if the Foundation can donate the equipment, he further stated.

Not wanting to pass an opportunity to help, Dr. de la Vega immediately started to look for equipment the Foundation can provide to the PDA. He got in touch with an old friend, Sid de la Cruz, the owner and President of Pandora Dental Equipment Corporation, one of the biggest dental equipment dealers in the Philippines.

Over lunch at the swanky Manila Peninsula Hotel at Makati City, de la Cruz offered Dr de la Vega a deal he could not refuse. He proposed to split the cost of the equipment between the Foundation and Pandora. So, before dessert was served, the deal was closed with a warm handshake.

Pandora Dental delivered a dental chair and unit and installed it at no charge at the PDA Indigency Dental Clinic located at the PDA Building at Makati City. With that, the clinic will now be fully equipped and will be able to provide more and better services to the poor and the needy that visits the clinic.

Dentistry For Every Village Foundation wish to thank Mr. Sid de la Cruz for his generosity and for joining the Foundation in this charitable endeavor.

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