D4EVF Opens Fifth Charity Dental Clinic

Dentistry for Every Village Foundation last February 24, 2024 , opened its fifth charity dental clinic. The new facility is located at the Multi-Purpose Building of the Municipality of Arayat, Pampanga, Philippines.

The public facility that is meant to serve the municipality’s poor and underserved, was funded and built by the Municipality of Arayat through Mayor Ma. Lourdes Alejandrino and Vice Mayor Emmanuel Alejandrino.

All the equipment and start up supplies for the dental clinic were donated by the Foundation.

The clinic is the best so far amongst the previous ones where the Foundation was involved. But that is not to say, the others were inferior.

The clinic concept was made by DesignMekema, a dental office designer based at Woodland Hills, California. The design prioritized patient comfort through open layouts. The focus is on ensuring that the design is both comforting and centered around patient’s needs.

The center point of the design is a well-conceived sterilization alcove with an 18Liter steam/pressure sterilizer. The alcove includes an ultrasonic cleaner for non-critical instruments and an instrument washer for critical instruments . A heat sealer was provided to seal all critical instruments in a plastic pouch before they are sterilized. Also included was an easy to access sharps disposal container.

A specialized cabinet for color-coded non-critical restorative instruments in color-coded trays was made part of the alcove. The cabinet has an ultraviolet Type C germicidal lamp to keep the instrument germ free while in storage.

The Foundation installed a state-of-the-art dental chair and unit, that includes: a built-in intra-oral camera and a 19- inch monitor; ultrasonic prophylaxis scaler; and the proverbial E-Generator high speed handpiece with an LED light and a slow driven handpiece with a straight nose as well as a contra-angle. The chair’s assistant’s package includes a built-in curing light for composite filling procedures and the usual evacuation package. A separate central evacuation package hooked up to a 1 HP central vacuum unit was also installed for use during surgical procedures.

A Bel-Ray brand Belmont periapical x-ray unit was also installed to work in conjunction with a digital x-ray sensor operated by means of a computer system located at the operatory cabinet.
A laser printer was included in case there is a need to print the x-ray images for the patient’s hard copy records.

A mini lab located behind the operatory was provided a model trimmer, vibrator, butane torch unit, lathe type polisher as well as a micro-motor with a dozen trimming burs. Different size impression trays for both reversible and non-reversible impression materials were also provided.

Auxiliary equipment provided includes a large office air purifier, an electro-cautery unit for soft tissue surgery, an extra-oral vacuum unit, portable ultrasonic prophylaxis unit with a self-contained water source on a rolling stand, an emergency oxygen tank, and portable wireless endodontic motor, a gutta percha cutter and a back-up curing light. Touchless hand soap dispensers were installed at the sterilization alcove, operatory cabinet and at the lab.

Many surgical forceps of various types, surgical elevators, peristome’s, rubber dam equipment , aspirating anesthetic syringes and a variety of rubber dam clamps were provided as well.

In the consultation room, where patient’s medical histories are checked and verified, a touchless thermometer was provided as well as a wall-type sphygmomanometer to monitor patient’s blood pressure before they are ushered to the operatory.

Hand sanitizers were placed at strategic places and a special container for N95 masks, hair nets and nitrile gloves were strategically placed for easy access.

A utility cabinet was provided complete with a 3 cu.ft. refrigerator and a microwave for use of the staff.

The facility also has a small 8×10 feet waiting room to complement a large central patient waiting room next to the clinic. Adjacent to it is the reception area desk that features a one-piece granite counter.

The facility will be run by the Municipal Dentist, Dr. Frank KIbanoff and three young dental assistants five days a week from 8 am to 5 pm.

Dental supplies were provided by several donors that includes the perennial supporter of the D4EVF, the International College of Dentists Global Visionary Fund of Flint, Michigan and the Henry Schein Cares Foundation of Melville, New York.

The bulk of the funding for all the equipment and supplies were donated by the Alejandrino siblings that hails from Arayat : Roy, Jessie, Leslie and Monico Alejandrino; the Marcela and Edgardo de la Vega Living Trust; Rene and Mila Medina, Heather Templeton-dela Vega and Dentistry For Every Village Foundation.

Other large donors are Erlinda Reyes-Stone; Elizabeth and Alex Tang, DDS; Russel Rayman, MD; Rosa de la Vega and Melanie Moses.

Others that also contributed are Alice Medina Alcaraz, Lon and Lourdes Aquino, DDS; Teresa Jimenez-Alejandrino; Marilou Alejandrino-Ante; Ely and Arthur Alejandrino.

Also contributing are Romeo Balboa, Nenette and Jack Moreno, DDS; Lydia Korionoff; Andy and Mae Mejia Abeleda; Monette Kibanoff; Cara and John Moses, Eisha Mason; Etta Mason; John Kloninger and Maren Stever.

D4EVF wishes to extend its gratitude to the D4EVF Philippine Mission Volunteers without whose help projects will be challenging to implement. They are Dr. Amry Jane Chavez-Noza; Dr Luz Villanueva; Dr. Cesario del Rosario; Dr. Karlo Picardal; Dr. Ma.Leah Imperio; Maria Delia Saquido Picardal; Dr. Ma. Yessa Rodil-Jarlos; Dr. Ma. Teresa Aviñante Solina; Dr. Anjanette Kyle Garcia; Dr. Francis Garcia; Dr. Charlie Torno; Efren Noza; Roco Ibe; Alverto Mendoza; Patrick Aurelio and Romalynne Kibanoff.

The dental clinic will now become the main dental clinic for the municipality of Arayat. It will replace the recently opened small dental clinic provided by the national Department of Health that provided only dental extractions due to inadequate equipment and supplies.

The new clinic that is adequately equipped for general dentistryt will primarily cater to the poor and the underserved. It has the capability to offer various dental procedures including x-ray services, endodontic therapy, oral prophylaxis and composite filling restorations. Funding for the maintenance and dental supplies will be provided by the Municipality.

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