D4EVF Receives Cardiac Monitor from a Generous Donor

About a week ago Dentistry For Every Village Foundation received an e-mail asking if we are interested in receiving a large donation in form of five (5) cardiac monitors that are routinely use during major surgical procedures.

The e-mail came from the staff of Century City oral surgeon, Steven Kupferman, DDS the owner of the Los Angeles Center For Oral and Maxilo-Facial Surgery.

Dr Kupferman is upgrading his dental office and he decided to change his surgical cardiac monitors as well. Therefore, he had five units in perfect working condition to give away to charitable organization [501.(c)(3)] that in turn can donate them to health care institutions in need of them.

Without any hesitation, the Foundation staff replied to the email and indicated that they are  willing to accept them.

Arrangements were therefore made with Dr. Kupferman’s personal secretary, Ms. Ann Caidoc- Laborte so a day and time for the monitors to be picked up can be set. Ms. Laborte, incidentally, happened to be a Filipina.

So, on February 27th, the D4EVF staff drove to Century City to pick up the monitors and had the opportunity to meet Dr. Kupferman and thank him for his generosity.

The Foundation has decided to send two(2) of the monitors to the Divine Word Hospital in Tacloban City and two(2) to the Sta. Scholastica’s Mission Hospital in Barangay Cabab-toan, Pambuhan, Northern Samar. The remaining unit will be saved for the Super Health Center at Arayat, Pampanga that will rise soon.

“These machines will save a lot of lives and I am glad to donate them to your Foundation that has already earmarked them to  be donated to 3 Philippine heath care institutions,” said Dr Kupferman.

The units were packed carefully for shipping and will be sent to their destination via BalikbayanBox door to door delivery. Barring any untoward shipping delays, they will arrive in the Philippines in 3 months.

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