D4EVF Teams up with Las Piñas Dental Chapter, PDA for the Annual CTK Dental Mission

The dental mission at the Christ The King Parish at Las Piñas City was an annual event that is done by the Foundation. Sadly, like many other events, the mission was stopped in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic.

This year however, the mission was revived and was completed November 20, 2023.

The D4EVF joined forces with the PDA Las Piñas Chapter, the Group A Dental Associates and the Parish personnel and completed a day long mission.

The event was held at the large Parish Hall of the Christ The King Church at Barangay San Isidro, Las Piñas City.

Twenty-five licensed dentists volunteered led by the LPDC President, Sarah Joy Acosta Bello. The event was supervised by the old guards of the Foundation, the Group A Dental Associates with Dr. Amry Jane Chavez-Noza at the helm. They were assisted by members of the Parish who acted as auxiliary assistants.

Hundreds of patients from the area of responsibility of the Church came to avail the free dental services that were offered, including oral examinations, extraction of hopeless teeth, oral prophylaxis , fluoride application and patient education.

Equipment , dental supplies and sundries were provided by the Foundation. Toothbrush sets were distributed to everyone that came to the mission.

After the event, all volunteers were given a small token from the Foundation as an appreciation for their volunteer efforts.

The volunteer dentists were as follows:

  • Dr. Amry Jane Chavez-Noza – Group A Leader
  • Dr. Sarah Joy Acosta Bello – LPDC President
  • Dr. Luz Villanueva
  • Dr. Maria Leah Imperio
  • Dr. Rachel Kawamoto de Guzman
  • Dr. Ma. Delia Saquido-Picardal
  • Dr. Cesar del Rosario
  • Dr. Athena H. Arroyo
  • Dr. Ma Yessa Rodil Jarlos
  • Dr. Ma. Teresa Aviñante Solina
  • Dr. Joseph Garcia
  • Dr. Avelyne Salarda
  • Dr. Mary Serato
  • Dr. Janet de Guzman
  • Dr. Mary Ann Letim
  • Dr. Emma Roslin
  • Dr.Jeanneth Peregrin Bay
  • Dr Joshelle Igaya
  • Dr. Reynalie Ramos
  • Dr. Rowena Navarro Rian
  • Mr. Ruel Dionisio R. Jarlos

On behalf of the D4EVF Foundation, allow us to greet everyone a great Thanksgiving Day and an awesome Christmas season. May your New Year be full of joy, health and love. We hope to see everyone again in 2024 and continue to share the blessing of our Lord.

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