Meet the New Scholar of the Foundation

Claire Aceveda with the D4EVF Scholarship Committee

Dentistry For Every Village Foundation has a new scholar. She is Ms. Claire Aceveda, a young second year dental student at the University of the Philippines College of Dentistry in Manila.

Ms. Aceveda is the youngest child in a family of five. Ms. Aceveda completed her elementary education at Sta. Isabel College and then completed her high school education at the famed Manila Science High School.

Upon graduation from high school, she applied for admission at 4 dental schools in Manila, three private and one public. She was accepted by all and was offered full scholarships by the three private dental schools. She however elected to go to UPCD primarily for the quality of education at the country’s premier dental school and the small class sizes that allows for a better student to faculty ratio. However ,UPCD only offers full tuition, and she must provide for all other expenses associated with dental school. Had she opted to go to any of the three private schools, she would have had full scholarship.

At UPCD , she recently completed the first year of the necessary 6 years dental school curriculum leading to a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. She will be starting her second year in August this year.

With the pending expenses associated with dental school going exponentially higher as she advances in her standing, finances are expected to get tighter. Thus, she went out and started looking for help . She found our Foundation.

Claire Aceveda

Ms. Acevedo wrote seeking help as she starts her second year in dental school. We responded to her request by asking her to submit documents establishing her enrollment as a “Scholar Ng Bayan” at the UP College of Dentistry and completing all the necessary documentations for a scholarship grant.

Amongst the documents she submitted were her grades in her freshmen year which turn out to be within those accepted by the Foundation. With that, we wrote her back indicating that the Foundation may be able to help her pending review of her documents by the Foundation board members and a personal interview by the Scholarship Committee of the Foundation in Metro Manila headed by Dr. Maria Leah Imperio, Dr. Maria Saquido-Picardal and Dr. Cesar del Rosario

Ms. Aceveda’s document review and personal interview turned out to be positive and thus, she was informed that she will be a scholar of the Foundation . She will get help her with expenses for procuring dental supplies and small instruments as she navigates through the rest of the 5 years in dental school contingent to her performance as a dental student and her grades in school. She must achieve a minimum of 2.5 GPA or better every semester to keep her scholarship.

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