Academy of Dentistry International Foundation Approves Grant for D4EVF

“The ADIF met on Thursday, October 20, 2016 and reviewed grant applications. I am happy to inform you that your application for D4EVF was granted $1500.00”, so states a letter signed by Dr. Robert Ramus, the ADI Secretary-Treasurer in a letter dated December 12, 2016 and sent to the Foundation.

The grant was given in response to the application sent by D4EVF to help fund the construction of a charitable dental clinic aimed for a multitude of impoverished families that live within the area of responsibility of the Rogationist for the Sacred Heart of Jesus Congregation in Parañaque, Philippines.

The particular grant of the ADIF will be bundled with the other grants and donations solicited by supporters of the congregation and received so far to purchase a digital x-ray system for the dental clinic that is presently under construction and expected to open in February 2017.

When informed of the grant, Ms. Silveria Salazar, the prime mover for the construction of the charitable dental clinic for the Rogationist congregation stated:-  “What a blessing! We thank the Lord for answering our prayers. The grant would go a long way in helping us achieve our dreams of improving our health care ministries for the many poor and destitute people in our area”.

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