A Dental Mission at Pambuhan, Northern Samar

The Dentistry for Every Village Foundation recently completed the first of their scheduled quarterly dental missions for 2016 in remote villages in the Philippines. The event was held at Barangay Cababto-an, Pambujan, Northern Samar.

Providing the actual treatment of patients were members of the Group A Dental Associates headed by its core leaders, Amry Jane Chavez, DMD; Florabelle Tan-Frondozo, DMD; Cecily Vera Cruz, DMD and Luz D. Villanueva, DMD all of Las Piñas City, Philippines. Two local dentists, Dr. Meggi Rubenecia Balanquit and Dr. Annie de los Reyes also joined in the mission.

More than 200 residents of the barangay were provided basic and emergency dental care. Dental education including proper tooth brushing techniques were taught particularly to the many children in attendance.

Colgate Philippines through Mr. Diomar Escat and Dr. Angel David II provided hundreds of tooth-brushes and toothpaste.  Mr. Raffy Castro Jr of BioMedis-United Laboratories donated antibiotics and pain pills that were distributed to those that needed them.

The attendees in the two day event were also provide lunch served under an improvised tent set up by the Philippine Army stationed in Catarman City.

After the mission, the Pambujan municipal Mayor, Lino Balanquit and his family hosted a sumptuous dinner for the crew, the nurses from St Scholastica’s Mission Hospital and its administrative staff at Miko-Miko, local tourist spot.

Dr. Ed de la Vega and the Group A Dental Associates were also invited as guests of the a local radio station in Catarman , Radio 101.5 FM hosted by Josefino “Tita Joy” Amor to discuss the objectives of the mission and the dental office Dentistry For Every Village Foundation is donating to the St Scholastica’s Miss.

Pictures from the Dental Mission

  1. Belle Tan Frondozo says:

    It was a privilege to be given the opportunity to serve people under this foundation. I applaud the efforts exerted by it’s president Dr. Ed de la Vega who has traveled thousands of miles across the Pacific just to help these underprivileged families. His insight and vision for millions of Filipinions’s dental health is unparalleled. Many have the talent but only few have the time to share it with people you hardly know and from whom only a smile of infinite gratitude is the reward you get. And for him that is enough. Thank you for giving us the chance to serve with you. Until the next dental outreach. God bless this amazing foundation.

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