The Dumarao, Capiz Mission Report

The mission to provide dental services to the Ati People and their neighbors, the Bukid-nons, was completed on October 7 and 8, 2016. The dental team that served in the mission are the core members of Group A Dental Associates of Las Piñas City and a representative from the International College of Dentists-Philippine Section.

They are: – Dr. Amry Chavez, Dr. Belle Frondozo, Dr. Luz Villanueva, Dr. Bem Vera Cruz, Dr. Norwil Clavaton and Angelita Picardal, MD. Dr. Earl Legaspi of the Province of Aklan represented ICD Philippines. Volunteer nurses from Roxas City namely: John Justin Bermejo, RN, Clint Distajo, RN, Joy Buenavista, RN, Kearlyn Balgos, RN, provided support. An equipment technician, Joven Franzuela, and a PR man, Earl Piansay completed the team.

The International College of Dentists Global Visionary Fund through the Henry Schein Cares Foundation provided the more than $2000.00 worth of dental supplies used on the mission.

The team had to drive 47 kilometers from Roxas City, hike up a mountain for 2K along a grass path, cross a river and traverse a bamboo hanging bridge to get to the site and do the dental procedures, exercises that added to the mystery and fun of the whole mission.

During the two-day event more than 600 dental procedures were done: – oral prophylaxis, restorative fillings, fluoride application, sealant placement, and extractions.

A clear-water deep well funded by the D4EVF and constructed prior to the arrival of the team was inaugurated. The deep well serves three villages consisting of more than 120 families.

Dental education, tooth-brushing instructions and a nutrition program were some of the highlights of the two-day event. Every one that came to the two-day event was given a toothbrush donated by Sun Star Americas of Schaumburg, Illinois and another donor from Los Angeles, California.

Postoperative pain medication and antibiotics provided by the United Laboratories-BioMedis Group of Pasig, Philippines were also given when indicated.

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