Senator Manny Pacquiao “Legend T-Shirt” to help Dentistry for Every Village Foundation

The need for proper dental care services has always been placed on the back burner, so to speak in countries where economics and access to care is a perennial challenge. When these “access to care” issues occur in poor and economically disadvantaged municipalities, the task of managing the problems becomes more sizable. Further, if the local government is more focused on other issues, delivering the services exponentially jumps to a higher scale. Therefore, dental care, except in dire emergencies, is put on hold, sometimes for years not only due to economics, but also because of a lack of facilities to provide appropriate care.

This is typical in most far out villages in the Philippines. By the time the pain becomes intolerable, and a person is forced to see a dentist, they have to travel to larger cities for appropriate care. Most often than not at that point, extraction of the offending tooth is the only option. In order to alleviate such issues, facilities must be provided to give the underprivileged a venue where they can get proper care at a very low cost or in certain instances, for free.

This is what the Foundation aims to do.

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