St. Scholastica’s Mission Hospital

The current project of the Dentistry for Every Village Foundation, Inc., is the Dental Clinic at the St. Scholastica’s Mission Hospital, Barangay Cababtoan, Pambujan, Northern Samar, Philippines

About the St. Scholastica’s Mission Hospital at Pambjan

The Missionary Benedictine Sisters in the Philippines established a modest 25-bed facility to address the critical need of Pambujan and its surrounding communities for low cost health care. In certain cases, care will be provided for free particularly to those who truly cannot afford the cost but are in dire need of care.

The hospital sits on 3.5 hectares of land donated by the Salazar family and was deeded free and clear to the Missionary Sisters of St. Benedictine.

Mrs. Salazar presenting deed to Sr. Mary John Mananzan
Mrs. Salazar presenting deed to Sr. Mary John Mananzan


The Hyundai Asia Resources, Incorporated courtesy of the CEO Fe Perez-Agudo, an alumna of the Benedictine-run St. Scholastica College funded construction of the facility.

Ms. Fe Perez Aguado providing construction fund documents.
Ms. Fe Perez Aguado providing construction fund documents.


A corporate entity called AIM of Naves,France donated a fully equipped mobile clinic that serves as the extension of the hospital.


In order for the hospital to be sustainable, an Endowment Fund Campaign of 100 Million Pesos  (US $2.3 M) was established to ensure the long-term viability of the Hospital.

A dental clinic is presently under construction within the facility of the Hospital. It is slated to open when the hospital is inaugurated in February 2016.


  • Dental Chair and Unit with pole-mounted cuspidor and operating light.
  • Dental Wall Mounted X-ray Unit
  • Digital Dental X-ray Sensor with software
  • Steam operated sterilizer
  • Low noise, oiless dental air compressor
  • Slow Speed Handpieces
  • Hand Instruments
  • Surgical Instruments (Forceps, elevators etc.)
  • Start up Dental Supplies

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