THE D4EVF Dental Clinic is Officially Endorsed to the St. Scholastical’s Mission Hospital

At a very simple ceremonies held at high noon last April 30, 2016, the D4EVF headed by its President, Ed de la Vega, DDS officially turned over the dental clinic built for the indigent people of Pambujan and its neighboring communities to the St. Scholastica’s Mission Hospital at Sitio Cawayan, Barangay Cababto-an, Pambujan, Northern Samar.

Present to accept the donation was the Prioress of the Manila Priory of the Mission of Benedictine Sisters, Sister Adelaida Ygrubay, OSB, the SSMH Administrator, Sister Amadea Donadilla, OSB and the Hospital Medical Director, Dr. John E. Kam.

Reverend Father Otillo Lobrinio did the honor of leading the prayers and the blessing of the dental clinic.

The dental clinic possesses the very first digital dental x-ray system in the whole of Northern Samar. It also has a UV light disinfection system in the surgical cabinet that helps keep the sterile instruments clean.  A clean water filtration system was provided to address water issues that are prevalent in rural areas. The dental chair and unit is fully equipped, including a build-in ultrasonic prophylaxis unit and a highspeed handpiece with an air turbine driven LED light at the handpiece head. A high volume evacuation system was retrofitted for major surgical procedures to augment the water driven saliva ejector that is a standard part of the dental unit.  A digital intra-oral camera was also installed and a full-on computer system with two monitors was also provided to help deal with the digital x-ray system and the imaging system. The dental office was stocked with dental supplies that will at least last three months.

In attendance to witness the ceremonies were the core members of the D4EVF Dental Mission Team from Group A Dental Associates of Las Piñas City namely Dr. Amry Jane Chavez, Dr. Norwil Clavaton, Dr. Belle Tan Frondozo, Dr. Cecily Vera Cruz and Dr. Luz Villanueva.  Also present was Angelita Picardal-Clavaton, MD of Roxas City and the SSMH Resident MD, Dr. Ludina L. Insigne.

The dental team prior to the turnover of the dental clinic again provided basic and emergency dentistry to the community, bringing the total number of people already served by the clinic to more than 400. Basic services like extractions, oral prophylaxis, fillings, numerous fissure sealants and application of fluoride varnish and even a couple of root canal procedures and numerous pulpotomy procedures were done. A two day session of patient education and tooth brushing instructions was also done followed by the distribution of toothbrushes from Sun Star Americas and Colgate Philippines.

For entertainment, the nursing staff of the SSMH did a choreographed dance routine to the delight of the modest crowd that included leaders of the villages that make up the municipality of Pambujan.

Following the ceremonies, a sumptuous lunch was served by the SSMH that included the traditional “lechon” centerpiece and plenty of seafood gathered from the surrounding waters of Northern Samar.

The dental clinic will be staffed by a young dentist from the area and by visiting dentists from the Group A Dental Associates. It will be opened at least 3 days a week.

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